Michelle Hoskin - Little Miss WOWW!

Through her work with Standards International Ltd, Michelle delivers a wide range of innovative solutions, designed to tackle the common challenges faced by financial services professionals.

Her unique outlook, insights and ideas never fail to stimulate and inspire others to achieve the remarkable.

Michelle is an international speaker, author and regular contributor to the professional press and media.

She is also the Founder and Director of two very successful and ground-breaking businesses in the UK.

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What are Michelle’s unique abilities?

Commercially sensitive, culturally aware, corporately responsible, ethically minded and commercially focused are just a few of the phrases that encapsulate Michelle. She is a passionate champion of establishing and embedding ‘WOWW!’ within her clients’ businesses - from top to bottom and bottom to top - and this sets her apart from her peers.

Ownership, passion (yes more of it!), commitment and shared values are five more words that describe Michelle as she actively pursues her career and personal goals. Michelle fully embraces the challenges of helping businesses conform to regulatory protocols while also helping them to recognise and shed any tired or flawed views and beliefs which are holding them back.

Michelle adopts simple, effective management processes, implemented in a pragmatic and proportionate manner, yet both her own and her clients’ businesses remain at the heart of all that she strives to achieve.  Proportionality is an underused word, but it is especially relevant to Michelle’s approach to relationship management and task setting.

Michelle has a track record of delivery, combined with a breadth of experience and buckets of enthusiasm! Guaranteed to inspire confidence, she engages with all areas of each client's business in an empathetic, supportive and collaborative manner, ensuring that everyone is 'on message'. At the same time she will act as the business’ critical friend when necessary.

Attention to detail, diligence, resilience, dexterity and professionalism are a hallmarks of Michelle’s 'modus operandi', setting her apart as a confident, competent leader and manager.  Combine this with her polished relationship management skills and you have the consummate professional!

WOWW! is worldwide

Michelle Hoskin designs innovative solutions which are proven to overcome the challenges most commonly faced by financial services professionals.

She regularly presents to financial services professionals all over the globe, inspiring her audiences with the ideas and thoughts she shares.

Regulation, products and institutions may differ, but Michelle's professional desire to deliver 'WOWW!' knows no geographical boundaries!

In all of her travels, it continues to amaze Michelle that, regardless of the country that she is in and regardless of the size of their practice or their book of business; planners, advisors and agents continue to strive to deliver to the highest levels of professional best practice BUT the problem is... they often don't know how!

Inspired by the professionals she has had the opportunity to meet, Michelle has carefully crafted a range of presentations and workshops all of which promise to deliver punchy, straight-to-the-point ideas and strategies to 'hit the spot' for businesses and individuals at every stage of their professional journey.

Interested in booking Michelle for a speaking engagement?

Contact her team at Standards International on: 01462 790894 or email: support@michellehoskin.com

I very much appreciate the time taken to share your best practices. I personally benefited from your unique approach to help develop a perfect practice.

Kelly Herring

Modern Woodmen of America
Michelle is an infectious bundle of energy - thank you for showering me in gold dust yesterday!

Damien Rylett

Brunel Capital Partners
As ever, thanks for restoring a belief that the basics in life still matter!

Peter Oddey

Spectrum Financial Planning
(Michelle) you are the real deal!

Tony Byrne

Wealth and Tax Management
Thanks Michelle! You're fantastic! I truly appreciate your sharing of your powerful practice management tools.

Ken Royster

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Her presentation style captured the audience, and her delivery was inspiring. Thanks Michelle, you were awesome!

John Lutrin

HUB Financial
Thank you Michelle, I've already begun implementing some of the things you shared. Your presentation was a blessing!

Tim Broyles

State Farm Insurance
Her passion is infectious!

David Braithwaite

Citrus Financial

Having an amazing business doesn't just happen by accident; it needs to be built by design! The heart of any business is the client relationship, that magical journey that they experience when working with you! The Little Book of WOWW!™ is a delightful collection of ideas, tips and tricks that have been tried and tested - all of which are sure to add that 5-star sparkle to the lives of each and every client!

Michelle Hoskin is well known for her endless enthusiasm and infectious personality. With over 15 years’ experience working alongside some of the leading financial services practices, she designs innovative solutions proven to eliminate the debilitating challenges faced by financial services professionals every day. As a regular speaker at seminars and workshops, she stimulates and inspires her audiences with the ideas and insights that she shares.

Mike Morrow CFP is a Financial Advisor, speaker, author and commentator. Mike has been guiding his clients towards achieving their financial goals for more than 25 years. He is recognised by his industry peers as an expert on client engagement and fostering client loyalty. Mike speaks to companies all over the world, including at Million Dollar Round Table events.

Financial services is one of the most technically trained and talented professions in the world but there is still very little support on how to run and manage a ‘best practice business’.

As a result, many firms suffer from the same day-to-day challenges:

  • A lack of practice management guidelines, operational procedures and a unique house style
  • Under-resourced, inadequately skilled and poorly trained support staff
  • Poor team/people management, leadership and development skills
  • Inefficient workflow and task management methods and systems
  • Ineffective time and diary management.

To succeed, personally and professionally, you need to eliminate these challenges or, even better, prevent them from happening in the first place.

Best practice can only be achieved by creating a structured and supportive environment in which each individual can create an amazing experience for their clients!

The time to act is now – not tomorrow or the day after: NOW!

First published in 2012 and revised in 2015, Michelle Hoskin’s book is packed with hints and tips. Best Practice Makes Perfect is a little gem!

Little Miss WOWW! in action

Click below to join Little Miss WOWW! as she hosts The WOWW! Hour™, mixing interviews with some of her amazing clients, favourite professional friends and contacts. You can access the full suite of The WOWW! Hour™ interviews on YouTube.

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Standards International

Solutions created with you in mind...

It has always been Michelle’s mission to be instrumental in changing the face of financial services for ever!  This mission is the driving force behind the work that Michelle and her team do every day at Standards International.

Michelle comments: We believe that the only way to change the future financial services marketplace is to strive for outstanding professionalism, both in the UK and overseas.

Standards International is a world-leading financial services certification body, specialising in training, coaching and certification of financial services quality standards.

Due to their innovative approach and unique position within the marketplace, they are proud to be blazing a trail in their field.

Standards International is built on a client-centred approach and culture of continual improvement. Clients’ interests, needs and the success of their business remain central to what the team do. It is for this reason that they continue to look for new ways of adding value to the financial services profession; supporting clients both now and in the future.

All the work conducted by Standards International is covered by a market-leading Value Benefits Guarantee.  If you feel that you've gained no value from working together, they will give you your money back! You can’t be fairer than that!

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Get in touch

If you would like any further information, need support in creating your perfect practice or would like Little Miss WOWW! to present at your event, please contact Michelle directly or a member of the Standards International team.

Address: 5 The Granary, Fairclough Hall Farm, Weston, Hertfordshire SG4 7DP, United Kingdom.

Or CLICK HERE to complete a contact form and a member of the Standards International team will be in touch.

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